The transportation industry, and specifically the trucking industry, experience a large volume of claims. It’s the law of averages. Wrecks happen and trucks are moving products all day and all night across our roads. Don’t wait until you are sued. Meet with Deans Stepp Law now to provide you with sound legal consulting and design a pre-emptive plan.

We specialize in commercial vehicle/trucking accidents. When one of your drivers is involved in a wreck, let us manage the situation for you. Let us protect your company and help mitigate your risks and liabilities.

In some tragic cases, trucking accidents lead to wrongful death suits. As experienced attorneys in wrongful death, we know the strict conditions that must be met for a case to warrant wrongful death status. We diligently fight for you and defend you from unwarranted lawsuits. Let us do for you what we have done for our clients:


Worked closely with client to develop action plan for large accidents to facilitate efficient management of high-stakes litigation to ensure immediate notification of counsel, preservation of evidence, and productive investigations.

Obtained summary judgment on several crucial claims made by Plaintiff, including negligence per se, negligent hiring, negligent entrustment, and gross negligence, resulting in favorable settlement for client.

Received a favorable settlement for defendant in connection with double fatality accident.

Obtained favorable settlement for client on affirmative claim for breach of warranty in connection with a contractor’s work at a product manufacturing facility.


Gregory Deans and Katherine Stepp partnered to form Deans Stepp Law, a Dallas-based law firm focusing on litigating complex business and tort cases in Texas and nationwide. They have practiced law together since 2004.


You can trust our attorneys to fiercely advocate on your behalf whether inside or outside of the courtroom. We are accomplished and innovative negotiators. We thrive on persuasively presenting your case to a judge and jury but understand the expense and risk factors. Sometimes your case may be better resolved pre-trial. We listen, evaluate and guide you to the decision that is right for you, in your situation, for your case. Your fight is our fight.


Our comprehensive consulting services guide you toward safe legal ground as you navigate your business horizon. From implementing protocols based on best practices, to keeping protected and current with all of your legal documentation — whether simple contracts or complex structures — we have you covered. Taking advantage of proactive legal consulting can help you avoid expensive and time-consuming lawsuits. Mitigate before you litigate.


When a trial is the only or best option, you want the confidence of knowing you have experienced litigators on your side. That’s where our proven trial experience benefits you the most. Having experience on both sides of the bar, we intuitively view your case from all perspectives and present your case in its most compelling light,  transforming perceived weakness into strengths.  We focus on winning and getting the best outcome for you. Whether on offense or defense, your position will be advanced aggressively.

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    Our Dallas trial attorneys have extensive courtroom experience representing defendants and plaintiffs in Texas and across the country.

    We concentrate on complex business disputes, wrongful death, trucking liability, negligence, product liability, and banking litigation.

    We are highly focused on providing our clients with the best possible representation and results.



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