The law requires that every person and entity will follow a reasonable code of conduct as to not cause harm to other people. Negligence lawsuits are civil cases that can be brought against an individual or entity accused of breaching that obligation. There are many types of negligence cases, but some of the most common are medical malpractice, trucking or car accidents, and slip and falls. Negligence doesn’t involve deliberate actions that would rise to the level of criminal behavior, but rather refers to careless action or inaction that has caused injury to a plaintiff’s person or property.

There are several elements that must be proven for a party to prevail in a negligence case. Contact us to discuss the specific facts of your case.

Decades of experience working for both defendants and plaintiffs has given our attorneys valuable insight. Whichever side you find yourself on, you can trust that the attorneys at Deans Stepp Law will fight vigorously for you.

Deans Stepp Law attorneys have decades of experience successfully negotiating, settling, and litigating a wide variety of negligence cases.


  • Negotiated favorable settlement for two-year-old boy and his family following traumatic brain injury sustained from falling tree limb.


  • Negotiated favorable settlement for client in connection with crushing orthopedic injuries to lower legs after being hit by a vehicle in a parking lot where safety features to prevent intrusion of cars had been removed by property owner and tenant.


“We serve our clients with the tenacity, strategy, and creativity they have come to expect from us. Our extensive trial experience combined with the personal attention we give our clients helps us stand out in our field.”

Katherine H. Stepp, Founding Partner


Your best interest is our primary motivation. We excel at telling your story to judges and juries to obtain the best possible outcome. We employ strategy and innovation to achieve the results you seek.


Our Texas trial attorneys have built a reputation for tough representation, and we have a growing list of successful client outcomes to prove it. 


While we will always fiercely represent you in a trial, our first priority is to avoid you ever seeing a courtroom. We provide guidance to help you save the energy, time, and expense of a lawsuit.


Today, many lawyers never set foot inside a courtroom. At Deans Stepp Law, we have extensive trial experience representing both plaintiffs and defendants. 


We approach every client engagement as though we have skin in the game. Your results, budget, and time are always top-of-mind and reflected in our strategic approach. 


We understand that every case and client is unique and customize our approach accordingly. We give you the attention you deserve and the experience you expect.

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